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La francophonie canadienne : Un levier puissant!

La troisième édition du Grand rassemblement de l’éducation en français (GREF) qui se tenait à Ottawa les 10, 11 et 12 avril fut un franc succès! Des acteurs clés du monde de l’éducation et de la francophonie canadienne ont permis d'alimenter la réflexion sur l’apprentissage professionnel et l’avancement de l’éducation en langue française en contexte minoritaire au pays. De nombreux/ses invités/es de marque, conférenciers/ères et animateurs/trices chevronnés/es ont contribué par leur présence et leurs présentations à faire de l’événement une réussite. Un grand merci à toutes ces personnes ainsi qu’à tous les participants et à toutes les participantes du GREF2014!

Importance of Having Business Insurance Ontario

Many companies view business insurance as luxury for big organizations .They consider it as very expensive. Although it can be quite expensive it is important to have Business Insurance Ontario regardless of your company, size or the duration of time the business will stay in the market. It is an essential tool and needs to be included in your budget. Here top benefits of having a business insurance.

New businesses are possible target for thieves. This is because they know that there are new equipments such as furniture, computers and some other office equipments which are worth a lot of money compared to stealing old equipments. Therefore, it is necessary to have Business Insurance Ontario just in case your equipments are stolen. The replacements insurance replaces the missing items and also pays for the repair of the damage caused.

Closures of many businesses over the years have been caused by hurricanes, floods and fires. Having insurance that covers these kinds of losses, loss and closure is not usually permanent. Organizations should consider having an interruption insurance to make sure that there is cash flow in their business for the spun of time that the business have been closed due to a natural disaster.

Owners of companies should also ensure that they have personal insurance. Having a medical insurance will see to it that medical bills that have incurred because of an injury or illness will not consume all your business assets. Staying uninsured can cause many serious problems in case of an illness to an extent of making you bankrupt.

It is of importance to have a Business Liability Insurance in your company. It covers accidents that might occur in your place of business and defects of the products. For instance, if your products have defects that might injure the customer or a client slips and falls in your place of work and you do not have insurance, this can cause a lot of problem. Another situation is when an organization car is involved in an accident and someone is seriously injured it can cause you serious problem as well.

We heard of cases where businesses have been sued by individual or other businesses for various reasons like legitimate and others. It can be costly to defend yourself in court and it even becomes disastrous when the business end up losing. Awarding of the damages can be more than what your company can be able to pay. Depending on the extent of the damage, company assets and also your personal assets could be at risk. Therefore having business insurance would the reduce risk of losing everything that you have worked for.